Collection: Therabody Wellness & Recovery

Jana loves Therabody products because they provide her with health, harmony, and balance for her body.

Why did she choose Therabody over other competitors?

  1. TruGrade Technology™ applies precise pressure to create a safer, true negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back again. This is essential for maximizing circulation.

  2. 2-3x faster than competitors¹ with FastFlush Technology™: A full inflation and deflation cycle in just 60 seconds. That means more cycles per session and faster recovery for you.

By purchasing Therabody products from the Gingerbeli website, Jana will regularly send you videos not only about how to use the products but also additional recommendations related to health, beauty, and products that have changed her life!

As an added bonus and at no extra cost, Jana will send you a free inspirational online cookbook with selected recipes from her favorite restaurants in Bali, along with motivation for the year 2024! By purchasing from Jana's website, you gain the advantage of receiving her first-hand content related to products she approves, along with healthy and beauty tips and motivational talks.