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Recovery Air Boots - PRO

Recovery Air Boots - PRO

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Fully customizable pneumatic compression system.

Sit back, relax, and recharge your legs with the most customizable compression system in recovery. Adjust an array of pressure and time settings of four preset programs, or start with four unique inflation cycles and go freestyle with PRO mode. Our FastFlush Technology™ delivers pressure massage 2-3x faster than competitors.¹


  • Boosts circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces delayed onset muscle soreness
  • Decreases swelling and stiffness
  • Relieves muscle fatigue
  • TruGrade Technology™ provides safe, precise application of pressure

Key Features:

  • Proprietary TruGrade Technology™ for safest, precise application of pressure
  • Proprietary FastFlush Technology™ for full inflation and deflation in 60 secs
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to the Therabody App for total customization
  • 4 preset programs (Warm Up, Recovery, Isolation, and Interval) or freestyle PRO Mode
  • 4 inflation cycles (Sequential, Wave, Isolation, and Flow)
  • Adjustable time settings (10 - 90 min.)
  • Adjustable pressure range (20 mmHg - 100 mmHg)
  • Adjustable pressure hold and release time (1 - 60 seconds)
  • Zone Control of pressure in individual chambers
  • Save unlimited routines shared with you via Therabody App only
  • Save and share unlimited personalized routines via Therabody App only
  • 240-minute battery life
  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic design
  • More features via Bluetooth connectivity to Therabody App coming soon

    Compatible with:

    • RecoveryAir PRO Compression Pants
    • RecoveryAir PRO Compression Vest
    • RecoveryAir Compression Sleeve

    What's included:

    • RecoveryAir PRO pump
    • 2 compression boots
    • Blocker plug (for single garment use)
    • DC power adapter
    • Pump pouch
    • Boots pouch

    Both Sizing:

    Refer to our size guide at the top of the page for boot dimensions and sizing.

    Pump Dimensions
    23.3 cm (L) x 14.2 cm (W) x 15.4 cm (H)
    9.2 in (L) x 5.6 in (W) x 6.1 in (H)

    Pump Weight
    2.14 kg
    (4.72 lbs)

    Pump Dimensions (Large)
    118.1 cm (L) x 13.2 cm (W) x 38.3 cm (H)
    46.5 in (L) x 5.2 in (W) x 15.1 in (H)
    2.03 kg per single boot
    (4.48 lbs per single boot)

    2-years limited warranty


    Why Therabody?

    1. TruGrade Technology™ Applies precise pressure to create a safer true negative gradient from the feet to the heart and back again. This is essential for maximizing circulation.

    2. 2-3x faster than competitors¹ with FastFlush Technology™: Full inflation and deflation cycle in just 60 seconds. That means more cycles per session. That means faster recovery for you.

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