Story of Gingerbeli and Cocobeli

Story of Gingerbeli and Cocobeli is my online store dedicated to supporting quality, whether from smaller or larger brands, and the Gingerbeli brand itself. It focuses on delicious, high-quality, and healthy (sometimes a bit less, sometimes more – I believe balance is key ;-) food, natural cosmetics, and dietary supplements. These products aim to be as natural and food-like as possible, such as my Black Gingerbeli garlic. I've found products not only in the Czech Republic but also in European countries and even outside Europe (I lived in Indonesia for 5 years and spent time in the Middle East, Africa, and more).

How am I different from other e-shops?

1. Where others stop, I happily continue, all for the quality you deserve. I'm willing to travel to the ends of the earth in pursuit of quality, and I won't settle for anything less ;-) I make every effort to collaborate directly with farmers and producers.

2. I have a reason for everything I offer, and I explain how to use the products and the benefits they bring, which have improved my quality of life. There's a reason behind every product I share with you. That's why, with every purchase on, you get access to my content, Gingerbeli, where you'll find product reviews, health and beauty tips, as well as stories from my travels and inspiring people.

3. I test every product because we are what we eat. My goal is to offer you the best of our products, where you'll experience all the benefits, quality, and exceptional taste. That's why I must be absolutely sure about all the advantages, taste, feeling, and quality of any product I offer you. I use all the products myself, and before I introduce them to you, I put them to the test on myself and people I trust.

Check out the video I created a few years ago in Bali, shortly after I introduced my first products to the Indonesian market. The overall idea remains the same :-)


And what is Cocobeli?

Cocobeli is a blog about joy and inspiration in life a quality places to eat and enjoy life. I started working intensively with restaurants in Bali 5 years ago, where I helped with their menus and evaluations. That's where I started using my highly developed taste buds ;-) From this experience, I created the Cocobeli cookbook, which has 270 pages and features the best restaurants in Bali, according to me. In Bali, you meet many inspirational people, and their motivation can also be found in the cookbook. You can purchase the Cocobeli cookbook, where you can read my entire Bali story, how I got there, and what led me there.

You can receive the Cocobeli cookbook online for free with any purchase - this is just a limited-time offer ;-)

Why did I create Cocobeli?

I wanted to showcase quality foods and places that people might not even know about. And most importantly, mental health. A few years ago, my best friend took his own life, and it affected me so much that I always wanted to create a place where people can find inspiration in life and support each other. I want to share that no success happens overnight, and the most beautiful part of it is the journey, which can sometimes be rocky. Definitely, your life journey includes these ups and downs. I believe that the most important thing is to do what you love, and success will come naturally over time. There's no need to underestimate hard work and consistency in order to achieve your dreams. However, there is a need for balance, both in work and in life, and THAT'S WHAT COCOBELI IS ALL ABOUT. You have to crack open a coconut to get the best juice out of it. That's why the balance, half work and half fun in life, is so important!

How did I come up with the name Cocobeli?

I came up with the name at ZIN Café in Bali, Canggu. At first, it was supposed to be a dropshipping website selling cosmetic products, but then I decided that I would never sell anything I haven't tried properly and don't believe in 100%. At first, I wanted the name to be CocoBella, with "Coco" representing exotic places like Bali and "Bella" representing beauty. But I always wanted to focus on both women and men. So, I quickly asked my Italian friend what the plural of "Bella" is, and "Beli" was born. Later, I found out that it also means "Buy" in Indonesian, and many people also associate it with "belly", our body part :-) And actually, it fits well, so there can be multiple explanations for the name.

So, I decided not to go with a dropshipping website. I knew at that time that I needed to experience more to be able to offer the best... I decided to start with what my heart was most drawn to at the time - quality food and the Cocobeli blog.

Check out the Cocobeli video I created a few years ago in Bali. The overall idea of the project and the Cocobeli blog remains the same:

Why did I start Gingerbeli?

Over time, I noticed that I was becoming increasingly interested in healthy eating and interesting dietary supplements that could improve the quality of life for both me and the people around me. And that's how Gingerbeli started in Bali. The first product was moringa (an amazing herb that improved my quality of life) and quality chocolate - a great Cocobeli balance ;-) These products were created in Bali based on good relationships with producers and quality products.

Why did I name it Gingerbeli?

I spent 5 years on Bali, and I keep coming back here. The pandemic forced me to stay on Bali for a year and a half. I didn't plan it, but the pandemic decided. In the end, I am very grateful for this experience, even though it wasn't always easy, as it may seem at first glance. I was more or less alone on Bali. As it's usual in Bali, people came and went, and that helped me find myself and be happy just by myself. Standing up for what I believed in, something I had struggled with before. You can find out more in my inspirational Cocobeli cookbook ;-)

During the pandemic, I needed to support my immunity on Bali. In addition to drinking Moringa tea, I was constantly drinking ginger tea, to the point where my friends started calling me the "ginger queen" ;-) I always had my favorite ginger with me on Bali.

Gingerbread Man in the logo? Why?

One day, when I was in Ubud at Zest Café with my friend Rony, I ordered my gingerbread cake (which had a lot of ginger in it btw.) and talked about my newly born nephews, whom I unfortunately couldn't see due to the pandemic. Rony made a joke that they would definitely be little Gingerbreads. At the same moment, Rony asked me how I would like to name my store - I didn't hesitate for a second and said - GINGER BELI. This Gingerbread Man had to be in my logo.

Although healthy products are absolutely essential in our lives, such as healthy ginger, which saved me during the pandemic on Bali. It's important to listen to your body and occasionally use quality ingredients to prepare your favorite and tasty food, which Gingerbeli will always want to offer and support, such as gingerbread ;-)

Gingerbeli will always strive to offer you the best. Nutritious, tasty products and ingredients that will easily improve your mood :-)

I noticed that when my body is in balance, I feel balanced too ;-)

A body in balance equals a balanced mind equals Gingerbeli.

Thank you for your trust,


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