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Cocobeli Cook & Inspire Book

Cocobeli Cook & Inspire Book

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The ultimate Cookbook of delicious recipes from the best restaurants in Bali and motivating tips from inspiring people - all in 270 pages.

Cook one of the best recipes from Bali and achieve your dreams.

With every purchase above 500 AED, you get this book from Jana free of charge.

  • No need to travel, Bali comes to you! :-)
  • Tired of searching for the best recipes? The best restaurants from food island Bali are sharing with you the most delicious recipes now!
  • More than 270 pages!
  • 28 delicious restaurants, their stories, and success tips from owners and chefs
  • 100 recipes: 1/3 vegan, 2/3 vegetarian, 3/3 meat recipes – the perfect Gingerbeli balance
  • Different types of cuisine: Indonesian, asian, as well as western recipes!
  • Favourite places such as Crate Cafe or La Brisa
  • 55 inspiring people telling their success tips and sharing how to create balanced and better lifestyle and achieve your dreams!
  • It was created by passionate food lover who travels the world to try the best food and wants to share the delicious dishes and stories with you!
  • ADDITIONAL SPECIAL: 27 recipes of healthy beverages and nutritious brands that will amazingly boost your immunity.

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