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Thanks to Gingerbeli Food found by Jana you nourish your body from the inside.

"My love for food is endless. My story started as reviewing food at restaurants in Indonesia and later I followed my passion for naturally delicious products that can help you to feel balanced and nourished. I believe in variety, balanced, fresh food made with good intentions and love. 

Ultimately, we are what we eat because food becomes part of us.

I have tried thousands of different food products in many countries, locally and at exhibitions. I am still amazed at how difficult is to find delicious products that cover these ingredients that can nourish my body in the right way, so my body can love me back. I go miles to find what I like and my customers may like too. I don't settle for less. Where others stop, I go miles beyond.

Offering only what I myself tested and trusted, sharing my experience on my Blog, YouTube channel, and social media channels."