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Gingerbeli Moringa Dried Leaves

Gingerbeli Moringa Dried Leaves

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"Moringa is actually the very first product of my Gingerbeli journey. I started taking moringa at the beginning of the pandemic in Bali, where I stayed for 2 years continuously during the pandemic. I realized how much this superfood can help and provide great benefits. Because of moringa, the Gingerbeli journey towards healthier, quality products just began." Jana

Moringa gives you steady energy during the day and a feeling of happiness.

Moringa promotes the production of the 'happiness hormone' thanks to tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin.

"There are many Moringa products in powder form on the market, but I prefer the balanced taste of dried Moringa leaves that you can also sprinkle on any food and make delicious tea with. Moreover, you can clearly see the quality of the ingredients, and if you wish, you can mix and make powder yourself." Jana

Moringa: naturally delicious wild moringa leaves from Sri Lanka 👇

🌿 Also called "Miracle Tree"

🌿 Moringa is said to provide 7 times more vitamin C than oranges, 4 times more vitamin A than carrots, 4 times more calcium than milk, 9 times more protein than yogurt, 3 times more potassium than bananas, and 3 times more iron than spinach.

🌿 Jana experienced very positive effects using Moringa last 3 years including improving her digestion, and not catching colds, it has been improving her mood, focus, and weight loss with beauty in general.

"Moringa amazingly helped me towards clearer skin, stronger nails and better shape. Moreover, my immunity got stronger and my body fitter." Jana

Why to choose Jana's Moringa over other?

🌿 Jana has carefully selected the best moringa leaves she discovered after five years of research.

🌿 Easier to use than powder, adding flavor to any meal or serving as delicious tea.

🌿 Balanced taste with amazing health benefits, hot or refreshing cold drink.

🌿 Come from approved farms in Sri Lanka.

🌿 Production of the "happiness hormones".

🌿 Eco-friendly Glass bottle + 2 bigger pouch sizes to refill (Reduce Waste and Refill).

“I believe that a daily dose of my moringa during the entire pandemic in Bali really saved me. Moringa improves my mood and gives me steady energy throughout the day; it's my all-day boost. I've selectively picked so many nutrients and quality for you.” Jana

Jana already knows that the best results come from commitment and consistency in what you do. Take your dose of moringa daily for one month, then take a one-week break, and continue with your daily dose for another month.



100 % Dried Moringa Leaves


Shelf-life: 1 year

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