Collection: What do I, Jana, recommend for sensitive skin?

Do you have sensitive skin? Are there times when you notice your skin is more sensitive than usual? It can happen that sensitive skin is not considered an illness but a reaction to an inappropriate product, body lotion, shampoo, shower gel...

I consider it very important to choose the right cosmetics. I, Jana, cannot praise this type of cosmetics enough, which is suitable for sensitive skin. Using suitable products is crucial for me to feel comfortable and myself.

I have become a fan of this product collection, which is full of natural ingredients and is intended not only for babies from day one but also for women and all family members, depending on each product.

All products are certified by the reputable company Ecogea. Tested by me, Jana, and people I trust - including my sister, a mother of three children: Sophie, Max, and Michael. They can only do with this product!

Take a closer look at my website, where you will learn more about zero-waste cosmetics, which is much more environmentally friendly and also affordable.

"Did you know that one solid shampoo equals three plastic shampoo bottles? That means if you use solid shampoo, you'll save the planet from three plastic bottles, whether in production or waste. Isn't it worth giving zero waste cosmetics, or Zero Waste cosmetics, a chance? :-)" Jana