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Family Pack: for Babies & Sensitive Skin People

Family Pack: for Babies & Sensitive Skin People

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I have found NATURAL, VEGAN, and ORGANIC products for babies, children, and anyone with sensitive skin. And now I will present these products to you together with Gingerbeli.

The products are made from natural ingredients and ecological agricultural ingredients.

This package consists of 4 products designed for every family. It's best to combine and use these excellent products daily. They can help every family member:

  1. Shampoo and body wash - a gentle cleansing gel and shampoo in one - suitable for use from head to toe :-)
  2. Body lotion – for children and all family members with sensitive skin
  3. Intimate hygiene care - For women and children aged 3 and older. It is very gentle, harmonizing, and maintains natural pH.
  4. Miracle balm - A balm that every family member must have. Any irritation or redness on the skin is beautifully smoothed and hydrated.

You can find more details about each product on the respective product page.

The Natatul product collection is designed not only for babies from day one but also for women and all family members.

All products are certified by a reputable Ecogea company.

Tested by me, Jana, and people I trust - including my sister, who is the mother of three children: Sophie, Max, and Michael. They cannot do without this product!

"Although I don't have children yet, I realized how important it is to find the right product for them, as well as for mothers. I am constantly looking for quality and natural brands at an affordable price. I believe that all mothers deserve quality products. There are many great brands on the market that I want to introduce to them and make it easier for them to care for their loved ones."

Practical sizes of all products. Mothers, give them a try :-)

All products come in practical sizes."

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