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For Peace of Mind and Relief - Gift Package

For Peace of Mind and Relief - Gift Package

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A potent trio, that's our 15% CBD oil combined with CBD capsules and pure hemp varieties rich in CBG. Discover our Calm and Relief gift pack.

Can't decide whether to choose CBD in capsule or oil form? We've made it easy for you by packing both into a package. For good measure, we've included our Omnia CBG hemp herb from the Santhica variety, which you can use for decoctions, infusions, infusions, poultices and baths.

What you'll find in the package:

Neither too weak nor too strong, just right. A happy medium, that's exactly what our 15% CBD hemp oil is.

Hemp oil, hemp extract (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, CBD, CBG, natural terpenes)

Content per drop: 7.5 mg CBD

Package contents: 10 ml

Our soft gel CBD capsules with hemp extract are a practical and convenient alternative to CBD drops and oils.

Each pack contains 30 capsules.

Ingredients: hemp seed oil, broad spectrum hemp extract, natural tocopherols (E306)

Packaging ingredients: food-grade gelatin, glycerol (E422), water

CBD content in 1 capsule: 33.6 mg


Omnia CBG - hemp with CBG, 50 gr

The French Santhica variety is the only one that stands out for its high percentage of CBG - cannabigerol, which is another of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.

Cannabis can be used for decoctions, infusions, but it is also great for poultices, infusions, or baths. All herbs come from the Czech Republic, and the cannabis was hand-picked, so it is possible that you will find not only flowers and leaves, but also a few cannabis seeds in the mixture.

Products with their label are in compliance with European law. All the products on offer contain less than 0.3% THC and all the seeds are certified and on the list of approved varieties for cultivation, harvesting, and processing in the EU.

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