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For Joyful Encouragement - Gift Package

For Joyful Encouragement - Gift Package

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All people benefit from giving the soul a break from time to time. Rest restores the life force and a good mood dispels gloom. CBD oil, among other things, can help, as numerous studies have shown its beneficial effects on mental well-being. Needless to say, calming the mind has a variety of positive effects on the functioning of our body.

The For Joyful Invigoration package includes 10% CBD oil of your choice and the Harmonia herbal blend, which is based on cannabis mixed with seven other herbs that together help to harmonize our body and have a beneficial effect on digestive problems.

The package also includes a ceramic cup from the workshop of Czech ceramist Veronika Šeflová with the Hemnia logo.

Ingredients of the package:

  • 10% CBD oil of your choice

    One drop of 10% CBD oil contains about 5 mg of CBD.

    Ingredients: Hemp oil or MCT coconut oil, hemp extract (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, CBD, CBG, natural terpenes)

    Content per drop: 5 mg CBD

    Properties: Full spectrum, 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, less than 0.2% THC, CO2 extraction, flavonoids and terpenes

  • Harmonia Herbal Blend
    Ingredients: Cannabis, mint flower, meadowsweet flower, calendula flower, chamomile flower, fennel fruit, earthwort flower, chamomile benedict flower
  • Ceramic cup for drink or candle
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