Collection: Zero waste cosmetics can be fun!

It's really time to take action and help our planet! Zero-waste cosmetics are a new trend on our planet and can be really fun. And if we can help our planet with it, isn't it a great idea? :-)

Reducing plastic consumption is truly one of the best gestures for your beloved planet. Zero-waste cosmetics come in practical sizes. Unlike liquid products, they are lightweight and you can easily travel with them. Just let them dry and put them in a small bag that can be with you anywhere.

"To be honest, in the past, I wasn't a fan of solid cosmetics because I probably didn't find the quality and texture I expected. Now I have found handmade products in the Czech Republic that have absolutely amazed me! And they smell so beautiful. Now I really enjoy showering. A little goes a long way, and it creates beautifully soft skin. I really love the texture and using these products feels like they blend into my skin and beautifully hydrate my hair as well. Not only this, I'm supporting the environment because I use less plastic. Did you know that one solid shampoo equals three plastic shampoo bottles? That means if you use a solid shampoo, you'll save the planet from three plastic bottles, whether in production or waste. Isn't it worth giving zero waste cosmetics, or Zero Waste cosmetics, a chance? :-) For me, definitely yes! So let's try it, I think you'll be satisfied too." Jana