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Boost your immunity, mood, body, sleep and beauty NATURALLY.

GINGERBELI has the best quality precisely selected and handmade variety of teas from Bali. We have been searching for the best quality over 2 years to be 100 % sure we can offer the best.

Jana has been testing the ingredients over one year and it had an amazing effect on her. She loves to drink to get a nice ENERGY & MOOD 100 % Wild Organic Moringa tea, and sometimes she just adds the Moringa leaves to any of her food, smoothie or soup.

In the afternoon to protect her IMMUNITY she goes for her most favourite organic Instant Red Ginger that supports her overal body health and fights cold and flu, improved digestion and kills the bad bacteria while protecting the DNA too. To give her more energy, she adds a bit of organic coconut sugar, not too much, not too less. Just balanced.

In the evening she makes herself from time to time the SLIMMING and DETOX Teak tea to keep her body in shape and help to detox the body without any side effects.

Shortly before she goes to bed and sometimes any time during the day when she wants to calm down and relax, she loves to enjoy the BEAUTY & SLEEP Butterfly Pea tea that gives her an absolute stress release and relaxation. She also noticed that her skin got much better as it promotes collagen generation and is anti aging.

And when she feels like not having a tea that happens very randomly ;-) - she just adds the miracle ingredients in her smoothie, any other drink or meal during her day.

Jana loves to play with Gingerbeli superfood powders too - butterfly pea, red ginger and turmeric. 

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