Collection: Balinese GINGERBELI Artisan Chocolate

Imagine a sweeter, fruitier, richer, smoother-tasting chocolate, and one that is healthier. Gingerbeli chocolate is high in antioxidants thanks to the premium organic beans hand selecting by passionate local farmers and our exceptional fermentation process. Simply a healthy and natural delight!

The uniqueness of our flavour comes from a combination of geological location and all-natural processes. Balinese topography brings out a certain level of sweetness from our beans. Since we are located close to the equator with a high rain volume, we naturally have sweeter beans. Even Balinese dark chocolate delivers richer and fruitier flavour profiles.

To highlight this characteristic, our beans undergo a 4-7 day fermentation process. After this, we lightly roast our beans to preserve their delicate flavour balance. By keeping our production in small batches, we ensure a consistent quality in everything we make.

Our farms always use organic farming methods with a zero tolerance for pesticide use.

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