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Products that are available in the Philippines. And there is always a story about why Jana traveled to a specific place to discover the best quality products.

It's been a journey. Jana came to Manila in November 2022 to visit friends she met in the USA. One of them was Bugoy Drilon who is a singer in the Philippines and showed her around. He introduced her to the pili nuts because he comes from the region where pili nuts originally come from - the Bicol area. Jana went miles to find what you may like.

Jana spent 3 weeks trying all the pili nuts available in the country and chose the best to be offered on

Jana always searches for typical beauty and healthy food products in the country she travels to. She tests for instance all pili nuts available in the Philippines and finds the best quality possible to introduce not only internationally, but of course also in the country of origin itself. Also, the local market deserves to know the best quality of their local products.

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