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For a restful sleep - Gift Package

For a restful sleep - Gift Package

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All of us occasionally get into a situation where we don't sleep well, whether it's from accumulated stress or overwork. Short-term sleep deprivation can then lead to fatigue, irritation, as well as unfocused and distracted thoughts. However, the consequences of long-term insomnia are far worse, so it's a good idea not to let sleep problems go that far.

So in our Hemnia gift pack you'll find CBN oil, which combined with CBD in a 10ml bottle offers synergy to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. Another product in the pack is the Somnia Herbal Blend, which is blended from herbs that promote sleep, induce mental well-being and contribute to relaxation.

The package also includes a ceramic cup from the workshop of Czech ceramist Veronika Šeflová with the Hemnia logo.

Composition of the package:

  • CBN oil 5%

The oil is 100% natural, laboratory-tested, vegan and gluten-free.

Hemp oil & broad spectrum hemp extract (CBN 500 mg, CBD 250 mg)

CBN/CBD content per drop: 2.5/1.25 mg

  • Somnia Herbal Blend

Ingredients: Hemp, lemon balm, chamomile flower, St. John's wort, orange blossom, valerian spice, hop cones

  • Ceramic cup for drink or candle
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