GingerBread Story

GingerBeli started thanks to CocoBeli

When I came to Bali in June 2019, one year after I started a project called Cocobeli that was actually meant to be an e-commerce project selling natural products. At the same time I started to work on a food and inspirational project - now an international Cocobeli platform - and decided to focus on that and pass the name to this project instead. Because of one simple reason - I can only sell products that are 100 % tested and approved and I knew I needed more time to explore the best. I realised I can never ever sell something that would not significantly improve someone's life. During my research, I found out, there are many products that are called "organic" but the quality is not always the same. Finding the best quality takes time, but it's definitely been worth waiting. 

After two years of intensively testing many natural products from Bali as well as many powerful ingredients that significantly improved my overall health - in terms of body, mood and mind - I realised, I am ready to share my experience with other people and help them to feel healthy, happy and balanced too. And Gingerbeli started.

Gingerbeli wants to show you that it's possible to improve your immunity, mood & beauty with the best quality of natural products that also help you to create balance in your life. 

Balanced health. Better self.



The Ginger (bread) story

Why GingerBeli? First of all, I love ginger! After drinking (and eating) ginger almost every day, I have noticed some amazing benefits for my body. Ginger and other healthy ingredients I have been discovering past 2 years in Bali significantly improved my health and mindset.

After launching my Cocobeli project in September 2020 I was feeling homesick, sitting in Ubud at Zest Cafe, sipping my favourite ginger tea and thinking if to go back home to Czech republic or to stay longer in Bali and keep exploring best ingredients Bali has to offer. I ordered their carrot cake but it actually tasted like a gingerbread cake from my mum and it immediatelly reminded me home and I felt happier. I decided to stay in Bali at that moment.

This also gave me the idea that I love to support! It is the balanceGinger is a powerful healthy ingredient. As much as healthy products, as Ginger, are important to boost our immunity, we should not forget to balance it at least from time to time with some sweeter joy, as Ginger-bread to help us with the body and mond balance.

Gingerbeli offers you not only the best 100 % organic very healthy products, but also some sweeter, but still healthy products to improve your immunity, mood & beauty.

Watch the Gingerbeli introduction video: